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 Rules For Game

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PostSubject: Rules For Game   Tue Jan 19, 2010 10:18 am

No Racism will be tolerated
Do no insult the players or disrespect GM's
Do not post inappropriate content (porn) in OOC

----------General Rules----------
--The System (Player): 2 Warnings, Mute, Boot, Jail, Key Ban, IP Ban, Full Ban.--
|Rule #1: Don't Do Anything That Will Cause Havoc To/Or Annoy The Players Of The Game.
|Rule #2: Don't Be Illiterate or Ignorant.
|Rule #3: Don't Be A Hater And No Flaming, Roasting, Or Generally Trash Talking On Someone Or The Game.

----------General Rules----------
--The System (GM): 2 Warnings, Verbs Suspension, Verbs Removal.--
|Rule #1: Don't Abuse Your GM Powers.
|Rule #2: Listen To The Players And Help The Players.
|Rule #3: Treat Players With Respect And Answer All Important Questions That They Have.
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Rules For Game
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